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"I undertook the Birth My Baby hypnobirthing class with my husband back in June this year. Whilst we didn’t quite know what to expect and my husband was a little skeptical to tell you the truth, the course went through everything in great detail but also allowed you to take the parts you felt worked for you into your own journey and that’s what we did. I went through a 46 hour labour and an unexpected c-section and I could not have done that without having been taught the breathing and relaxation techniques that this amazing course provided. My husband having witnessed this is far less a critic now too! We couldn’t thank Krisztina enough for taking part on this course and giving us the empowerment and positivity we needed throughout the birth of our daughter."



"My partner and I have completed an online hypnobirthing course with Krisztina, who was absolutely amazing!

We were provided with really useful materials and presentation. During the course we learnt more than we possibly could have imagined.

Krisztina’s knowledge and the materials gave me such a huge help and confidence to prepare for the birth. Her suggestions of different techniques helped me to learn to stay focused and most importantly helped me to stay relaxed during my labour and right before.

I felt fully informed and understood the options available for us and our baby. I also felt a lot more confident in expressing my birthing preferences.

A few weeks later I had my baby and I managed to keep calm (believe me I’m normally all stressed out), focused on what’s happening and how we want things to progress. Somehow I managed with no pain relief and gave birth to my beautiful boy.
I truly believe without her course and all the help/tips/information she provided I would have had a lot more stressful birth (me being all worried and all that!)

I would and already did recommend Krisztina to anyone and everyone. I felt completely comfortable during the course and felt able to contact her at any point with any other questions that may come up. ...and I did contact her during labour and she again talked me through what I needed which was absolutely amazing!

Thank you so much again for all you did for us! "



 ‘Hypno’ birthing; must involve some kind of weird hypnosis resulting in participants clucking like a chicken whilst balancing on a birthing ball. Well, that’s what I thought until my wife helped me overcome my scepticism long enough to part with our hard earned cash and book a course. In fact, I was also encouraged by a good friend of mine who told me about his story of transforming from a sceptic (pleading with his wife in the car park prior to their hypnobirthing class for them to just go home so that he could watch the Liverpool game) to a hypnobirthing convert; the techniques learnt via hypnobirthing helped him cope with the unexpected surprise of delivering his healthy baby girl with his own hands (his wife had a fair part to play in it too..) on the stairs of their family home! Not as planned (!) but, as I came to learn, that is exactly what hypnobirthing is all about. Preparing you for the unexpected that comes with every birth.

Before attending our hypnobirthing course with Krisztina at Birth My Baby I was woefully underprepared and also slightly misinformed despite having the best of intentions to do as much reading up as I could. There’s nothing quite like someone who has recently lived the experience talking you through the different stages of birth and providing you with relaxation techniques that dovetail with each of those stages.

I love the NHS, and the care they gave us during the labour and immediately afterwards was second to none, but there is so much more they could cover during their antenatal sessions. We also paid quite a lot of money to attend a couple of NCT sessions in an extremely hot and insufficiently sized children’s nursery; the sessions were well intentioned but also disorganised and clunky and the most I got out of them was the WhatsApp group of a few local expectant parents (which, to be fair, did lead to many social gatherings with our newborns and some long lasting friendships).

Birth My Baby provided structured information on how to manage the pregnancy and the process of labour (I had no idea that there was an ‘up stage’ and a ‘down stage’) and how you might go about caring for your little one post arrival. The key to the message though was the importance of the sub-conscious mind and the power of positive thinking and how adopting a positive mindset can help you and your partner encourage the baby to come naturally, when ready. Not only we were taught about the science of birth but also taught how to utilise breathing techniques, music, scents, positive thinking and terminology to best manage the process.

Alas, my wife’s waters broke before her contractions started which put a time limit on labour needing to start but, thanks to hypnobirthing, at least we knew that. The course had also encouraged my wife to do some extra curricular reading on the process of induction which was handy because that’s where things were headed followed by an epidural and forcep assisted delivery. Suffice to say - not as per the birth plan! But at least she and, thank goodness me, were informed about each of these steps. When making the key decisions we felt informed and in control (for the most part).

During the induction process, I was known as the ‘breathing coach’ because my wife and I found the hypnobirthing breathing techniques really helped her manage the power of her surges without pain relief.

It’s hard to watch someone you love so dearly go through so much without being able to share some of the load but I truly am so grateful to Krisztina and Birth My Baby for the tools they gave me because without those I would have been next to useless and probably panicking throughout. Even when the hard part was over and our healthy baby daughter arrived I remembered the importance of the golden hour, delayed chord clamping and skin on skin time.

I loved the course provided by Birth My Baby because it empowers mums to be. But it also empowered me and for that I am forever grateful.

If you’re sceptical like I was. Give it a go. You won’t regret it. It’s the best few quid you’ll spend before the little one arrives and there wasn’t a clucking human in sightAre your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.